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in and out cuts ties to the company the video from inside the slaughterhouse that makes you wonder how common are abuses like these? kismet comments have him under pressure from almost everyone. now was the deadline passes time taken appears to a decision. the private petaluma now this bay area little league team has one step closer to winning the world series this secret to tonight success. yeah look. images that are prompting the fed to shut down a meat company that supplied beef to fast-food restaurants called the treatment of cattle at the central california meat co. in
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new maine. and we are intentionally not showing you the worst of this video. the company operates in hansard cbs five reporter linda he tells us where that need to ends up. the undercover video is hard to look at this hung by their tails as their lead to slaughter. and according to the animal welfare group compassion over killing workers can't get it right when trying to shoot a bulletin heavy cal to render an unconscious. macao's are still alive and struggling workers and supervisors would regularly even stand on the cows nostrils suffocating them after they shot them in the head. after seeing the video of the usda temporarily shut down operations at the plants. some brokers say the abuse happens because there is pressure to get product out. that is part of
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learning that is not always pretty. you have to read about that and as i don't like it. third generation but your says their clothes turds. the specialized needs does, at premium prices the supply at the hanford plant supplies cheaper grade me to the national school lunch program. the fast-food chain is now severed its contracts in a statement of the operating officer said in now burger would never condone be inhumane treatment of animals and all of our suppliers must agree to abide by our street standards for the humane treatment of cattle. the owners deny any animal was abused in lawmaker says the issue has to be cleared up soon. they've had a facility for years their brawn and provide a source of employment for almost 500
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families in the area. i want to do everything they can to assure the humane treatment and comply with a lot. federal regulators say besides investigating this inhumane treatment of animals they're also looking to see if any of the meat from sick cows were sent into the food supply. about an hour ago we got a call from reporter tiptoe. while he was editing tonight story about san jose's murder rates he learned that someone else had been killed. stabbed to death. that takes this year's homicides fell to 31 so far. this time last year the number was 27 kid joins us now with the latest details. we're live at the safeway and the corner of white roads in east san jose where about 100 people are still stuck inside undergoing questioning by a police after stabbing that happens inside the store. this would be the 31st homicide of the year and as she says they don't do anything about its it's
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good to get worse. after six homicides in eight days the jiva is calling like it is. dirichlet's and as far as overall violence so today it assembly member said achieve this letter. pressuring him to ask the chp for help. it's been done before in richmond and oakland is called limited terms supplemental lawn for some assistance. with a free city officers to answer calls. says a city officer helps, but the idea to ask the chp for help. that projects an offer i think that makes says they look bad. we do everything we can to make our streets safer. the chief says he's not opposed for to help from the chp if they can spare the manpower. the mistake
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we have lost a lot of our staff. but again soar they would never had anything but relationships with them if he needed a thing would be the first person to ask for help. downtown business owners are taking matters into their own hands. they're hiring police officers there painter to officers a day five days a week for six months. we think we're getting our share it's just that we want more because you want extra willing to pay for that ourselves. some of those hundred people that were inside the store still went to church allows now some carrying children and their arms and hersheys diapers and paper towels. will sam as saying in bring you more information about an hour. could those cbs five. oakland police are warning drivers to lock your doors while using city streets police say 25 year-old woman was sexually
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assaulted by a man who jumped in her car it happened early saturday east ninth street tonight is officers are still looking for that man. tonight wild fire burning in sass said its 40 percent contained. more than 2000 firefighters are out there battling its. 50 structures have been destroyed and at least seven homes lightning strike sparked the fire saturday about 30 mi. southeast of writing. evacuation orders remain in affect for the towns of shingles town and violet. the latest for from cbs reporter neda iranpour 4. we're on the south side of the fire where homes here are the main concern and tonight there setting backfires trying to purposely burned a lot of this drybrush on the canyon as part of the firefight they also have bulldozers and ham crews here in open to keep those fright flames down the canyon. it tears
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down trees and torching charring of a thing as pass these claims getting fierce with the heat of the day as it flows freely with the winds. major is sometimes very evil. they creep up their canyon and have that dreaded morning to get out. your telling a villain to leave? cal fire getting her minutes to move. where you headed? we're going to the store right now. did way to the families of the way things blamed the spread the home from top to bottom creighton is orne's mess but the idea is if flames get to this building it might cause a burn on the outside of the structure should still be standing. so this whole mess is a small price to pay and the homeowner will have to house it off. there will attack comes from the sky job after job appearing insignificance after talking in nearly insignificance fire but the planes like the dc-
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10 are the best weapons and there are snow when the fight is the right deep trenches battlefield. its already move from down here to the top. the fire already destroyed it their destruction is is a rich new neighborhoods. about 3000 residents rushed out and now as night falls olivetti's can do is hang tight and help go wind shifts in their favor. they hope to course through the dry brush to the nine taking advantage of the cooler temperatures and lighter winds hoping to increase some of the containment. all the wild fires we've seen so far this year are adding up since the fiscal year began 52 days ago hellfire has been spending on average $1.2 million a day. already blowing through 70% of its budgets. top reagan refused calls today from irani and other republicans to drop his bid for
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the senate's he ignored a 3:00 p.m. deadline to pull out of their race. this is despite a huge backlash about his comments on rape and abortion. he will not back down. sundial the backlash todd achan insisted that his comments about rape and women were just a mistaken city could still win the majority geordie's tennessee's eighth announced his final decision on the mind have to be radiobroadcast. did we get this book one word in one sentence in one day and all the sudden over 90 everybody decides that he can't possibly win. did we don't agree with that. we can lead to pregnancy. he also apologized in this ad for suggesting that rape victims are somehow able to avoid pregnancy. did waves but forgiveness from mainstream republicans isn't happening.
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today near rummies suggested taking quits' paul ryan calls and yesterday to ask directly. majority leader mitch mcconnell says when the future of our country is estate sorry is not sufficient. the republican party withdrew $5 million in the super pak american crossroads withdrew all funds. before this controversy republicans were certain they could be similar and possibly win a majority in the senate. now the misery season play and democrats are using a gun to rekindle the abortion rights of days. calling for a human rights amendments which democrats say could result in a man on abortion nationwide democratic candidates are making abortion rights in national issue and even though her opponents supports abortion rights and has criticized a
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again. the republicans like to pretend that a candace just a real shocker in the republican party. but we've got to remember he is part of an ongoing republican agenda. two sources tell cbs news that eakins real agenda here is to hang tough for now to see if he can generate enough money and support to justify staying in this race. in other words his final decision in not be final. the base of freefall continues it is a signed the social media bubble has burst? a tight squeeze and the big-name airline plenties center seat size to boost the bottom line. to make or break came from the pedal the love little 18 the young star who emerged as the team's secret weapon. with the
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low clouds and fog but people are still out and about. your wednesday forecast as the news continues. this book continued
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its free fall on wall street today closing at just over $19 a share and that is barely half of its public offering price. reporter john blackstone shows us face book isn't the only internet company facing a tough markets. three months ago face up employees cheered as founder mark separate launched a social network as a publicly traded company. for a few hours that
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they face book was valued at more than $100 billion. today is it is worth half that as the bubble burst it depends on how you're doing it if you're an investor you could definitely make that argument. bryan cooley is editor at large that the technology tracking websites social never came. it was tots and that it's not wall street judges how differently than the rest of the world. it's all about momentum not necessarily size. with nearly 8 billion users is still a huge but is slowing " growth rate has left investors disappointed same thing with seeing that the online gaming company that went public in december at $10 a share is now trading at just $3. coupon discount coupon sides started at $20 a share and is now trading under $5. a few months ago enthusiasm and 30 would make $1.9 billion in taxes
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on facebook stock sales now that cash strapped states is likely to make far less. in the silicon valley bombing house prices were imparted attributed to the riches face book employees were expecting from the stock offering. over the next few months facebook workers and insiders can begin selling more than a billion shares and that could drive the stock price even lower. their shares are coming on the market which has increased supply of on the date they spoke when public market records sold more than 30 million shares personally making more than $1 billion. other early investors saw the bubble may have burst but not before it improves profitable for some. cbs news san francisco. even those seats on the plan aerograms now and the airline industry's latest this depressed profits in the impact on your bottom line.
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airlines and travelers are feeling the squeeze. it's getting tough for everyone. but in different ways for passengers they're getting more and more compact over the space definitely more people on make us all as this a cattle car. for airlines aids their bottom-line many carriers use seats to pack more people on the plains. passengers are not willing to pay the true cost of airfare and airlines have no other option to squeeze in to squeeze more people into the economy. they're able to add an additional proceeds in economy. more rose equal more dollars. the average seat pitch which is the distance between one point aniseeds is around 30 to 32 in. on most major airlines. southwest is strength in their seats pitched an inch but they say a new slimmer's the design
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actually gives passengers more space. spirit has been using lighter seats they say are true content can be adjusted since 2010. but comfort is key especially for longer flights. i'm going to las vegas and is a long flights and absolutely and gobble its cramped and legs are burning. for people sick of airports are air travel the train is always received its is about 40 in.. dick waves in a car there many factors but with the frenzy pulled back to the seabed is about 32 in.. dirichlet's and things aren't that glamorize our spacious year and one has brief hearing on the seat pitch here is 34 in.. on planes there is also that other jutted factor. the randomness of the seeding process. is a your worst fear someone big sitting next year? did we have to admit i don't like it because it's hard to stay off of one another. and
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nobody wants somebody they don't know all of them so it's tough. petaluma's little league champs are a step closer to the world series title. california winds. fans watched from the petaluma as their home town hero shutdowns are filled conn five to zero to 9ยข and that earned them a trip to the u.s. semifinals. the bill is quite a fan base back home. they're really nice kids they're dead. they've been playing baseball together ever since there were really young so they deserve this. is exciting. that's why were the search here. is reminding me of the year the giants won the world series. the next matches thursday night against the team from tennessee or texas. dennis will have more from tonight's game later in sports. the waves by the way the high temperature
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today in petaluma was 77 degrees. let's go take a look at today's temperatures in and around dark bay area and it was 61 and san francisco to 91 degrees in morgan hill 86 degrees in livermore 74 in santa rosa a good 10 degrees below average right now in the '50s and '60s and layers of clouds that are now spilling on shore from the coast into the same and in fact these clouds will become too deep tonight's will wake up to mr. morning commutes a carbon copy as far as our afternoon is concerned and for the america's cup southwest winds 15 to 25 lots of monsoon moisture in effect across portions of arizona desert southwest where was in this area of low pressure that is anchored off the coast. if that continues to enhance our marine layer and that's why will wake up in the clouds small morning without localize result. clearly paints the cause along
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the coast was the san mateo coastline barely any clearing their three the avenues through ocean beach and lucy partially take clearing. as far as you're has our concerns lows tonight in the fifties will see the '50s and '60s that's as good as it gets at the beaches. mid-70s in campbell otherwise ease to the bay of to 87 degrees that will be the outside #to you notice a trend here that is a pretty benign weather pattern in fact is we take a look at the five to seven day forecast we notice that each and every day they gradually go each ended until about this time next week the warming trend kickstand and that is your pinpoint forecasts. coming up the secrets to longevity may be in italy dr. kim shows us how acting like an italian can add years your life.
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if remember this scene, when in
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rome do as the romans do? i tonight in an italian can add years your life. dr. cameron takes us to lunch and shows us how that works. the equates what might be too expensive to visits primulas tiny living in your life. there's a reason why italians live so long. then one of the highest quality of life in the world so i'd like you're in italy and linger over lunch in the shade. for starters chile more slowly and develop faster. bring along a friend or to enjoy spending time with them. after every bite of food put down your fork or spoon and to swallow and share some conversation before taking that advice. the waves did we start to feel more relaxed? you'll also keep yourself out of the sun when uv rays are most damaging to your skin with
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this summer checkup dr. kim cbs five. did police will to me has not won and five-star is the division lead dependent on him winning tonight's nba is converting a triple play him wasn't enough the answer is next. the petaluma leaders
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continue their magical run of the little league world series tonight elimination game they did not disappoint plan their second game in as many days against connecticut seemed to be last thursday in the first round of the third inning smith cameras one to dead center with a further 31 job and give them a force nothing made petaluma winds five to nothing and all day thursday for a chance to go to the finals. the a's sent
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among and to sacramento to make room for steve and true who they acquired from the diamondbacks last night drew went over for his debut tonight's meanwhile bread and is in making his first start since june 10th of last year while undergoing tommy john surgery in the fifth inning. it is its 543 triple play. the 21st triple play in his history derek norris breaks the time with a base hit an ace wind of a half- game back in the wild-card race. giants and dodgers to a month to dumping in the sixth inning only giving up one run. in the fourth thing the giants already up three to nothing here comes angel to find a base hit giants win four to one with the gunman crews to seven and 13 giants now have a one and a half-game lead over the dodgers they can go for this week. bring up the room. popper
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and their 21st double play that was amazing. great stuff. ,,,,
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